Sandra Hill exhibiting in Yiban Yiban- Yellah Fellah in China

Yiban Yiban – Yellah Fellah opened on a sweltering summer afternoon at Redtory Art & Design Factory in Guangzhou,China.  It is from this Cantonese-speaking area that Australia’s early waves of Chinese migration from the mid-19th century onwards eminated. That cultural legacy lies at the heart of Yiban Yiban.

“Yiban” is Mandarin for “half”, and “Yellah Fellah” is an Aboriginal term for people of mixed (Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal) descent. This exhibition, curated by the prominent, senior Aboriginal curator Djon Mundine, focuses on the work of three Aboriginal artists who also share Chinese heritage: Sandra Hill, Jason Wing, and Gary Lee. The exhibition will tour to various galleries in China in July and August.

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