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Tarnanthi 2017 AGSA- Shane Pickett

11 October 2017, 01:12 am

We are most pleased that works of the late Shane Pickett have been chosen for exhibition at the Art Gallery of South Australia as part of the 2017 Tarnanthi Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Art.

Ningaloo Series Coral Trout

Shane Pickett Ningaloo Print Series for Sydney Contemporary

01 September 2017, 02:15 am

Produced to coincide with the launch of the book Shane Pickett Meeyakba, the Ningaloo Series of three prints will be released for exhibition at Sydney Contemporary.

 Book launch on Thursday 7 September 7 pm at Carriageworks,

BR00076 Ari Puilaig

Brian Robinson's Citizens Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef

01 September 2017, 02:09 am

Congratulations to Brian Robinson. His $1.1 million sculpture Citizens Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef was installed on the Ciarns waterfront today.


Recent Acquisition : Art Gallery of Western Australia

26 July 2016, 02:23 pm

Congratulations to Ben Ward whose work Bilbijing Hill has been acquired by the Art Gallery of Western Australia. 

Col Jordan
Paintings & Sculptures
1 June 2015

Cultural Conversations

19 March 2016, 05:40 pm

 Included in "Cultural Conversations: South Korea – Australia" artworks and video interviews by 14 pre-eminent artists from both countries is the work of Col Jordan. Comprising a wide range of genres spanning painting, sculpture, installation and performance, this exhibition features six Korean artists and eight Australian artists sharing their lives, career paths, artworks and artistic insights in their own voices. It is a rare opportunity to explore the modern and contemporary art scene in Korea and Australia through the in-depth discussions between artists and art experts. On show at the Korean Cultural Centre Sydney.

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