Exhibition Information

Timothy Wulanjbirr

18 November to 15 December 2014

115 Hay Street, Subiaco WA

Mossenson Galleries in conjunction with Maningrida Arts & Culture are proud to present this survey exhibition of works by Timothy Wulanjbirr. This showcase presents some of the last works on bark produced by the rarrk painting master.

Wulanjbirr's dazzling paintings are a unique interpretation of the ancient lore of the Dangkorlo clan of Arnhem Land. His geometric fields of rarrk convey the region's dynamic tropical climate and vibrant ecology. The shimmering designs echo the rippling heat that rises from the land; its heady, humid air; the tranquil billabong waters that transect it; and the latticed scars scorched through its ochre-laden earth. Wulanjbirr elucidates the significance of the flora and fauna that make their home amoungst such a landscape. He also tells of the influence of the Dreaming spirits, both melevolant and benevolant, which dwell still within its ancient sites.

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