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Kungka Tjutaku Wititjanku • Women Keeping Culture Strong

04 May to 07 June 2014

115 Hay Street, Subiaco WA

There is an intensity to life in the remote desert communities in central Australia. The incessant, searing heat wreaks havoc on the land and its inhabitants. While it has seemingly rendered the land inhospitable, for those with a deep geographical understanding of their surroundings, food and water is not only plentiful, but also an important spiritual and inspirational aspect of culture. The perpetuation of knowledge pertaining to the source and availability of vital resources within the desert landscape has long been achieved through visual representation. The women artists of Papunya Tjupi capture and celebrate the majesty of life within this dynamic, ancient landscape with dazzling and rhythmic expression. Like the land to which they are bonded, their artistry presents an undeniable potency, both of vigor and erudition.  The timeless lore they represent not only celebrates the ancient waterholes and provision of flora and fauna, but also signifies the key to survival. As such, these stories are invaluable commodities, which must be safeguarded and sustained in perpetuity. 

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