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New Heraldics

01 April to 10 May 2020


New Heraldics is the latest exhibition from abstract artist Col Jordan. Born in Sydney in 1935, Jordan was one of a small group of young artists who introduced hard edge optical painting to Australia.

 In 1967, Jordan was invited to a group exhibition in Los Angeles and San Francisco that showcased contemporary Australian painting, paving the way for a new generation of artists in the 1970s. Since then, Jordan has consistently exhibited around the country in a solid and prolific career spanning more than 50 years.

 New Heraldics sees Jordan continue what has been a lifelong fascination with geometry, colour and form.

Ever the rebel, Jordan continues to challenge the status quo with paintings that do not conform to the traditional square or rectangular frame.

 While idly making folds in sheets of paper, Jordan was fascinated by the simple shapes that were being created. He knew these would form the basis of a new series of paintings.

 Looking upon his first two finished artworks, Jordan was struck by their heraldic quality and how they beared a resemblance to modern day coats of arms. This led to the birth of the series title “Escutcheons” meaning “the shield-shaped surface on which armorial bearings are depicted.”

 This modern take on heraldry results in asymmetrical coats of arms that substitute traditional symbols with geometry – all while retaining the colourful simplicity of the past.

 Like many of Jordan’s pieces, this exhibition continues his inquiry into how the viewer perceives colour and form. It has the ability to move the viewer’s eye around for the artwork to be absorbed either in sections or as a whole.

 While working on the series of “Escutcheons” he realised the pieces had a modular quality and grouped three of them to form one monumental composition titled “The Grand Escutcheon.”

 Now, at 84 years of age, Col Jordan continues to ask questions and challenge conventions through his work in a playful exploration of geometry, colour and form.


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