Exhibition Information

Glass In Isolation 2023

23 September to 01 October 2023

115 Hay St Subiaco

The rationale behind "Glass In Isolation" is intended to be a broad subject so that artists can interpret it in multiple ways that reflect the isolation of Western Australia in the world with its particular culture and environment and the experiences and stories of our people.   

The 27 artists have presented a fabulous selection of contemporary glass art that celebrates the individuality of the glass artists in Western Australia.  

All exhibitors in this exhibition are from Western Australia.  Each year the artists creativity has continued to excel and surprise, making an exciting exhibition. 

There are 27 artists of varying experience in the exhibition.  They have used many different techniques in interpreting the exhibition subject and produced 200 pieces.  The artists are: 

Alison Burton 

Anne Sorensen 

Belinda Kay 

Donna Di Bartolomeo 

Estelle Dean 

Greg Ash 

Jake Broadby 

Jo-Anne Maire 

Jonathon Wright 

Kimberly Stuart 

Lee-Caroline Johnson 

Lesley Maher 

Lhani Davies 

Liliana Stafford 

Marc Leib 

Marion Johns 

Merilyn O’Shannessy 

Myra Staffa 

Nada Kesic 

Nada Murphy 

Ros Barry 

Sabrina Dowling Giudici 

Silvana Ferrario 

Tania Porter 

Vaughn Bisschops 

Vicky Small 

Vivienne Jagger 

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