Exhibition Information


10 February to 05 March 2016

115 Hay St Subiaco, Western Australia

Artist Statement:

The bicycle is a theme I often return to with fondness. I think it’s because I consider the bicycle as almost……possibly………maybe, as a two dimensional object designed to transport a person through three dimensional space! It’s a leap of faith but after all isn’t a bicycle simply a couple of circles joined together with triangles and a couple of lines?

The sculptures are made from forged stainless steel in combination with recycled plastic board. The exhibition is a happy accident as I noticed the recycled plastic off cuts lying in the quiet corner of the workshop and wondered if it was possible to combine plastic with stainless steel together in a unique way.                                                                                                                                                               The two bikes made from wood and stainless steel were also an experiment where I’ve used the timber’s natural grain to reference the bike tire treads and also to give these two bikes a different visual character.

The exhibition title ‘to bike’ is a wordplay on the action of riding a bike as the sculptures have been abstracted, to visually convey the spirit and intent of their absent rider.   

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