Exhibition Information


02 May to 28 May 2023

115 Hay St Subiaco


The first solo exhibition presented by Kaye Guthrie Adonis

Mossenson Galleries, 115 Hay St, Subiaco

4- 28 May,2023

COZY  showcases a diverse collection of new paintings by Kaye Guthrie Adonis based on the theme that is very personal for the artist. Be comfortable in your skin, know who you are, where you come from and where you are going

Guthrie Adonis studied art in Glasgow more than three decades ago, has lived in six countries and has experienced  many careers (mostly in the creative industires.But it is mainly her Scottish / Nigerian heritage that has shaped her life. Guthrie Adonis readily acknowledges  that she has always looked different. Her Scottish accent and Afro hair combination continue to surprise whoever she meets and wherever she goes. This has been in equal measure both a blessing and a curse as Kaye is always judged but is rarely forgotten. She regards one age as only a number and not a barrier.

From a young age she accepted her differences, as her mother taught her things were never going to change. Guthrie Adonis vividly remembers that after seeing Grease at the cinema she pleaded with her mother to take her to the hair salon in order to have her black Afro re-styled to Sandy’s blonde bob. Margaret Dawson Montgomery Guthrie sat her  down and told her 'It’s never going to happen!’ Kaye’s role model mum - Scottish white exterior (Aretha Franklin at her core) began to ready her for a life as a woman of colour.


Although outwardly strong, confident and direct, Kaye often feels her tenderness, fragility, insecurities and sensitivities are masked beneath her boldness, quick tongue and the huge list of projects requiring immediate completion.The people closest to Kaye would say, 'She is a woman who is COMFORTABLE in her SKIN! COZY


The works in the exhibition are based on the artist's mixed heritage and life experiences.

A fusion of contemporary and street styles - each work charged with energy, colour, strength and vulnerability to illustrate their bold statement. The messages in every piece give Guthrie Adonis a voice, allowing her to develop a stronger relationship with herself and her audience. 


This exhibition truly does reflect the artist’s joy of being ‘COZY’ Love the skin you’re in.



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