Tabu Neur
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Charcoal on Paper
66 x 48 cm

Artist: Emma Gela

Tabu Neur is the snake woman from the Saisarem Tribe. She lived with her parents at the Tabu Zogo. She was a pretty girl and all the men adored her. She was always busy making the garden to feed her parents. One day while she was in the garden she was surprised to see a very handsome young man standing in the middle of the garden. She stared at him, from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet. She looked into his eyes and straight away a love filled up inside her. He did not know that he had entered into Saisarem Zogo Gedub (sacred garden). She put a spell on him and at the same time she changed into Tabu Neur and wrapped herself around him. They both slithered off into Tabu Zogo Gedum.

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