Koki, Sager, Ziai
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Limited Edition Linocut (ed.30)
30 x 15 cm

Artist: Jimmy Thaiday

During the Traditional game of Alag Segur, boys from the different villages on Erub get involved to play and be an Alag which is a person wearing a mask made from pandanas leaf. The villages are made up of three areas, Koki (north west), Sager (south east) and Ziai (south west). When the game of Alag Segur is played, the top of an Alag Op (Alag mask) identifies an Alag as to which village area of the island they’re from. If an Alag Op is long with a slight bend, he is from a Koki side village. The villagers from the Sager side are
identified by the top of their Alag Op being long and straight, and the Ziai villages Alag OP is short and straight. Depicted in this print are the three Alag Op that identifies an Alag from his certain village area. Koki, Sager and Ziai are also described as the winds around Erub.

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