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Limited Edition Linocut (ed.20)
40.5 x 30.5 cm

Artist: Franklin Mye

My artwork is about our traditional island dance called the “Kapkarr” as it is known to my people in the Eastern Islands in the Torres Strait. The island dance “Kapkarr” is originated from my island home Murray Island (Mer) island and Darnley (Erub) Island, the strength and the spirit of the dance “Kapkarr”. The teaching from our fathers from their fathers and their fathers before them and still the tradition of “Kapkarr” is being taught to our children and to their children and their children to come, as it is our tradition to pass down from generation to generation. When you put on the headdress (Dari) and dance the “Kapkarr” you can feel the strength and the spirit of my ancestors before us as an Eastern Islander.

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