Emeret Iluel Kab
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Limited Edition Linocut (ed.50)
28 x 38 cm

Artist: Kapua Gutchen Snr.

Iluel is the evening star in my erubam native language. My print presents the Iluel dance. The first rehearsal for a new song is away from the village by senior ladies and musicians. The scene takes us back long ago prior to the arrival of the Christian missionaries in 1871 to our shores. Iluel is beautiful Saisarem tribal girl from the western side of Erub and her husband is Meb, the moon. Meb is a handsome man Meuram tribal man from eastern Erub. Their relationship is always marred by atkit (jealousy). So they always ended up being further and further away each night continually. And when they do make up again, it will only be for a short time. For centuries my Torres Strait Islander people relied culturally upon the stars and the moon for navigation, seasonal and personal events. Iluel is solely an Erubam female totemic story and dance. After the new dance song and movements are learnt, the rest of village tribal dancers will then be called together and taught the new song and dance movements. Iluwel sacred dances are performed for all, and stories told when both Iluel and Meb are close together briefly in the western skyline as depicted. It is very important for the young village children to know so they can pass on the story and dance in their time.

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