Didipapa & Gorarasiasi
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Limited Edition Linocut (ed.30)
14 x 30 cm

Artist: Franklin Mye

One day, the two Samsep men, Didipapa and Gorarasiasi set sail out to Wargor from Ina for a fishing outing. After hours spent in the canoe fishing and catching a lot of fish suddenly a spirit rises from the sea wanting some fish for himself. Gorarasiasi was a silly man, a half-wit, but Didipapa was a clever man. He tapped Gorarasiasi and whispered “do what I do”. Didipapa closed his eyes and Gorarasiasi followed and as they both opened their eyes the spirit shuts his. Didipapa and Gorarasiasi watched the spirit to find out that the spirit kept his eyes closed for the same length of time as they did. The moment the spirit opened his eyes Didipapa and Gorarasiasi closed their’s but this time for longer. As the spirit stood there in the sea with his eyes closed for a long time, Didpapa and Gorarasiasi decided to run away from the spirit in their canoe being so greedy they didn’t want to share some fish with the spirit. They headed straight back home to Ina. After arriving at Ina Didipapa and Gorarasiasi thought they’ve lost the spirit. They carried the basket full of fish to their house and as they tipped over the basket of fish, all that was there was a whole bunch of fish bones. The spirit gave Didipapa and Gorarasiasi fish bones because they were too greedy to share with him.

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