Mary-Lou Orliyarli Divilli

Mary-Lou Orliyarli Divilli was born in Derby in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, and identifies as from the Nyigina (Nyikina) and Ngarinyin language groups, both from her mother’s side. She began working at Mowanjum Arts in 2006 in the framing department and reception before progressing to the media centre and archive in 2015, learning an array of video and mulitmedia skills. By participating in workshops with the organisation Camera Story, she was able to develop her interest in photography portraiture, which lead to exhibition of her works as well as gaining some experience in teaching others. 

During development of the commemorative book “Mowanjum: 50 Years Community History”, Mary-Lou had the opportunity to work as assistant to Kimberley photographer Kevin Shaw. In 2016, her photography was selected for inclusion at the “Revealed” Exhibition in Fremantle. 

Mary-Lou’s primary motivation for creating art is to learn about her culture and explore and represent her identity.  She is inspired by the older people and their depth of cultural knowledge expressed through stories and traditional song. 

In 2018, Mary-Lou moved east to Kununurra with her partner and three children. She began working at Waringarri Aboriginal Arts as Gallery and Marketing Assistant, while continuing to develop her photography art through a mentorship program with Kununurra-based photographer Sarah Duguid. 



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