Modern society is examined in the unanticipated consequences of technology.
In an aim to connect us, devices have instead distorted and simplified our views of the world around us. Fast paced digital narratives and visual content, floods our internal and the external world around us; screenshots, selfies, moments and memories filling up a technological archive. Related imagery is fed to us through algorithms, our data sold to corporations, emotions become commodities.
ICloud stores my journals and memories, I can access them anywhere, all I need is my own password.
A curated collection of memos, images and screenshots become research and subject matter for my paintings.
Composed of lists, selfies, useless aphorisms all that answer questions that don't need to be asked.

This work is personal and close to my heart; Some say cynical, some say satire..
From where I am standing, there is not too much difference, I can only see myself when I look at the black mirror on my screen, there I see my own reflection

Other Artists


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50.5x 50.5 cms

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