Brenda Mingen Ningarmara

Brenda  Ningarmara has been creating artworks for some decades but it has only been in the recent years, particularly since the passing of her mother, that Ningarmara has focussed her attention on her art practice.

Informed by her mother’s stories of country and taking inspiration from her mother’s style of painting , Ningarmara’s Gerang paintings are a joyful experimentation with colour and  form.

For Brenda, painting has become a natural extension of her increasing cultural activities in community which include welcome to country and dance performances. 

As Ningarmara states:

"I was born in Kununurra. I now have four children. I watch the old people painting - that's how I got started. It teaches me about Country. I am ready to take over the stories of my mother. I learnt from her to tell her stories and pass them on to my children and grandchildren." 

Ningarmara has participated in several group shows since 2019, including 2021 Revealed: new and Emerging Indigenous Western Australian Artists, Fremantle Art Centre, Fremantle WA .

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