Kununurra, Western Australia

Born 1953, Ivanhoe Station, Western Australia

Lives and works Kununurra, Western Australia

Agnes Armstrong's paintings embrace the stories of her childhood years in delightful open naïve interpretations. She shares her memories of growing up on stations, bush life and the stories taught by her grandparents. Her images connect story, place and childhood memory. "Born beside a billabong on Ivanhoe Station I grew up with old people. They taught me lots about hunting – all the bush foods. I used to work at Ivanhoe station doing housework and gardening. I came to Kununurra and started schooling during the 60's. Before that I had been at the Research Station School. During the 70's I was at the Beagle Bay Mission School. I came back to Kununurra then and got a job cooking for the pensioners in our Mirima Community. I would do the shopping, counting the money for the pensioners and paid their bills. We had a little shop then. I then moved to Dingo Springs where I watched the old people carving boab nuts and I started doing boabs. After that I came back here to Waringarri Arts to do painting. As well I am doing Ministry and bible studies. I have one daughter and three adopted sons and I live in Mirima, stopping in my country for good."


City Of Perth Collection

Kluge Ruhe Aboriginal art Collection, Virginia, USA

Wollongong University Collection

Zhongfu Group Collection

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