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Gallery Directors  Naomi Mossenson, Dan Mossenson and Dr Diane Mossenson

Directors Naomi Mossenson, Dan Mossenson and Dr Diane Mossenson

Dr. Diane Mossenson - From acupuncture to Aboriginal art


The combination of acupuncture, muscular skeletal medicine and Aboriginal art might have been a world first.
But it wasn't to be.


Dr Diane Mossenson, co-founder of Indigenart, decided that medicine had to give way to her growing, and ultimately consuming, passion for Aboriginal art. 'At the time of establishing Indigenart in 1993, there was no West Australian gallery uniquely and exclusively dedicated to serious Aboriginal art that wasn't also an outlet for tourist mementos and gifts,' she said. 'Yet, here were these brilliant artists producing wonderful paintings, sculptures and artefacts inspired by their environment, history and culture. In many cases they were, perhaps for the first time, creating and presenting work to the outside world that stemmed directly from their deeply spiritual beliefs,' she recalls.


'I was inspired. The work embraced a wide range of media - paintings, ceramics, weaving, sculptures and jewellery'. 'The vision was to exhibit and represent only the finest authentic Aboriginal art. Thus began hugely rewarding relationships with more than twenty different Aboriginal communities including hundreds of central desert and Arnhem Land artists.' 'Then, I discovered that some artists were producing sophisticated, contemporary work born out of their perceptions of the world as they saw it today,' she said. 'It was no less stunning than some of their more traditional work.'


In addition to its highly acclaimed collection and programme of exhibitions, Indigenart-Mossenson Galleries soon developed a national and international reputation in the art world and amongst serious collectors for its integrity. Headquartered at its Hay Street Gallery in Subiaco, Perth, Indigenart has also established galleries in Fremantle, Western Australia and Collingwood, Victoria. Diane manages the galleries on a day to day basis with her daughter Naomi.

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