Past Exhibitions
COL00194 Symmetrist 6-For Peter 2017 acrylic on canvas 165x200 cropped

Symmetrist - Col Jordan

01 September to 11 September 2017

Carriageworks, Sydney

ME00009 Sunny day Perth61 x 91.5 cm

M_MIXER- Matthew Clarke and Martin Edge

01 June to 27 May 2016

115 Hay St Subiaco

Nguzu Kara- My Basket

09 March to 02 April 2016

115 Hay St Subiaco Western Australia

Maria Ware's firs solo exhibition of Ghost net baskets reflecting on both her East and West Torres Strait heritage.

Nerrany-ngeng (mystery) Paintings

09 March to 02 April 2016

115 Hay St Subiaco, Western Australia

"This is country but you have to look at it closely to see it and that's what you have to do with culture ... .It's the same with my paintings. Award winning artist Ben Ward's first solo exhibition.
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