Recent Acquisition - Art Gallery of Western Australia

22 February 2014, 10:50 am

Congratulations to Brian Robinson whose two time award winning artwork ...and meanwhile back on Earth the blooms continue to flourish 2013  has recently been acquired by the Art Gallery of Western Australia.


2013 • Upon Reflection

05 February 2014, 10:49 am

Mossenson Galleries thank the many avid patrons and committed artists who contributed so greatly to making 2013 an enjoyable and rewarding year. Congratulations to our artists, who between them had a total of 55 artworks selected as art prize finalists with numerous high commendations and awards. Furthermore, 20 artist works were acquired by major institutions across the country. We wish everyone a safe, healthy and prosperous 2014 and look forward with excitement to our 2014 diverse and dynamic exhibition program.


Napolean Oui • Solo Exhibition

05 February 2014, 10:44 am

Napolean Oui, a Djabugay man of the rainforest, has committed himself to an active engagement with the cultural heritage of his ancestors from across North Queensland. Napolean’s interests are particularly rooted in the research and collating of the numerous shield designs of the rainforest tribes. This research and its revelations have acted as progenitor for his contemporary art practice and characteristic visual expressions. Napolean’s bold and evocative designs incorporate elements of the diverse ecology of the rainforest as well as the cultural traditions of the people who have safeguarded its invaluable bounty for millennia.

These designs are accentuated by the use of oilstick in rich, raw and robust earth hues, producing fields possessing of an elemental eloquence and confidant corporeality. In his works, Napolean conveys a penchant for the graphic, geometric and compositionally balanced. However, an undeniable reverence for the subtle irregularity of the natural world is ever-present, granting a sense of life and immediacy to each of his designs.

Mossenson Galleries is proud to commence our 2014 program with Napolean Oui’s first solo exhibition in Western Australia.

We invite you to join us for opening drinks on Saturday 15 February 2014, 2 – 4pm.


Brian Robinson

05 February 2014, 10:40 am

Earlier this month, artist Brian Robinson travelled to Singapore for the Art Stage 2014 fair, where he presented a vibrant and dramatic body of work. Excitingly, Robinson's artworks were well recieved by viewers and media alike and was proclaimed to be one of the must-see highlights of the fair program.

Coinciding with a successful fair experience, Robinson's submission to the Western Australia Indigenous Art Award 2013 was announced as the People's Choice, awarding him an additional prize alongside the overall award.


Stanthorpe Art Festival Prize 2014

05 February 2014, 10:25 am

Mossenson Galleries congratulates represented artists Col Jordan, Jason Cordero, Matthew Clarke, Gladdy Kemarre, Josie Kunoth Petyarre and Napolean Oui, who have all been selected as finalists in the Stanthorpe Art Festival Prize 2014.

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