Adelaide, South Australia

Born 1973, Adelaide, South Australia

Lives and works Adelaide, South Australia

Jason Cordero is a storyteller. His paintings transcend the physicality of the landscape. They befit the human psyche, laden with expectation, enlightenment, tyranny and despair. He places us amongst the wilderness of the Australian landscape, although one can never find an exact point of reference. Remote, vast, and at times unforgiving, his paintings are not representative of any one place, but rather the manifestation of an inner world. They are wonderlands of majestic countryside that are not easily reached but offer high reward for those who venture within. In 2010, Jason Cordero won the John Leslie Art Prize. Cordero has been a finalist in numerous national landscape prizes in the past decade, winning the Heysen Prize in 2006 and 3rd Prize for Painting in The Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize in 2008. He has also won Viewers Choice for the Fleurieu (2008) Glover (2007), and Heysen (2007 & 2005) Prizes.


Parliament House of Australia
Gippsland Art Gallery
Hahndorf Academy


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