Candy Nelson Nakamarra

Papunya Tjupi Arts

Group Laritja

Born 1964, Yuendumu, Northern Territory

Lives and works Papunya, Northern Territory

Candy was born in Yuendumu to Gladys Napanangka and renowned Papunya artist Johnny Warangkula. Her mother was visiting Yuendumu on cultural business when she gave birth to Candy. Candy grew up in Papunya with her parents and brothers and sisters, Lindsay, Mike, Narlie and Dennis Nelson. Candy attended Papunya School and Yarara College in 1980. Johnny Warangkula taught his children how to paint while passing down all the family stories to them. They all paint the Kalipiynpa Water Dreaming story. Candy has three children and her husband has passed away. Candy became a member of Papunya Tjupi in 2009. Sine then she has proved herself to be a very committed artist who comes to the Art Centre every day.


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Candy Nelson Nakamarra

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