Isobel Gorey Nampitjinpa

Group Warlpiri/Arrente/Luritja

Born 1958, Laramba, Northern Territory

Lives and works Papunya, Northern Territory

Isobel Gorey Nambajimba was born at Laramba, Northern Territory, in 1958. Her father was Jim Gorey Tjangala, a Warlpiri/Amnatyerre man from Ti Tree who worked as a stockman.

Her mother, Gloria Gorey Nungurrayi, was an Arrente woman from Hermannsburg. When Nambajimba was eight years old her family moved from Laramba to Papunya where she attended Papunya School. Later Nambajimba boarded at Yirara College in Alice Springs for several years.

Nambajimba had four children with her first husband, Neil Brown (deceased). She later married Keith Jarra, but they separated. Nambajimba has worked for the Papunya Clinic as a Health Worker, as well as for World Vision from 1995-99 doing health education.

Nambajimba taught herself to paint, doing her first paintings after joining as a founding member of Papunya Tjupi Arts in 2006. She experimented with many different painting techniques and ways of depicting her stories to arrive at her distinctive personal style. She paints Water Dreamings for Watulpunyu and Bush Onion for Kerrinyarra, both of which are from her father's Country. Nambajimba is a leader in the women’s song and dance for this Country.


Artbank Collection

University of Western Sydney

Knoblauch Collection, Switzerland 

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