Mossenson Galleries in one of Australia’s leading commercial galleries . Founded in 1993 by Dr Diane Mossenson and her husband Dan, the gallery exhibits the finest art by Australian Aboriginal ,Torres Strait Islander and non-indigenous artists.

  • sowing_the_crops

    Brian Robinson- Sowing the Crops and Reading the Stars

    Winner-2018 Calleen Art Prize

  • Symmetrist 1 2017 acrylic on canvas  106.5x78.5cm for web

    Col Jordan Symmetrist 1

    Finalist Calleen Art Prize 2018

  • BR00072 moving_with_the_rhythm_of_the_stars

    Brian Robinson-Moving with the rhythm of the stars

    Highly Commended Mandorla Art Award 2018

  • K01

    Peter Zappa- Countdown to Glenrowan

    Finalist Hutchins Art Prize 2018

  • JIM00171
    Jardinia Hill
  • Fielder 7
    Fielder 7
  • Fielder 6
    Fielder 6
  • Omborrin Prints 09_lg
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