Mossenson Galleries in one of Australia’s leading commercial galleries . Founded in 1993 by Dr Diane Mossenson and her husband Dan, the gallery exhibits the finest art by Australian Aboriginal ,Torres Strait Islander and non-indigenous artists.

  • MG01192s

    Josie Kunoth Petyarre- Tarnanthi 2017

  • BR00072 moving_with_the_rhythm_of_the_stars

    Brian Robinson-Moving with the rhythm of the stars

  • BW-5545-17 Ben Ward Thompson Springs 2017 natural pigment on canvas 80x100cm

    Ben Ward-Nerrany-ngeng ( Mystery Paintings)


  • mossenson_sep2014_027 copy

    Shane Pickett-Tarnanthi 2017

  • MC00196 Glen Morgan night life
    Glen Morgan Night Life
  • Ningaloo Series Turtle
    Ningaloo Series - Turtle
  • A3-799
    Badjerrungngu and Munganda
  • Col Jordan
14 June 2017
    Symmetrist 3
  • Pigeon Dreaming
    Pigeon Dreaming
  • PZ00030
    Countdown to Glenrowan 1
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