Mossenson Galleries in one of Australia’s leading commercial galleries . Founded in 1993 by Dr Diane Mossenson and her husband Dan, the gallery exhibits the finest art by Australian Aboriginal ,Torres Strait Islander and non-indigenous artists.

  • Robinson_Brian_ A Curious Bunch of Bits and Bobs-Oceanic artefacts at the Australian Museum _etching

    Brian Robinson- A Curious Bunch of Bits and Bobs

    Exhibiting in Tithuyil Moving with the Rhythm of the Stars

     Australian Embassy, Washington DC

  • editBR

    Brian Robinson_Mapping the Cosmos from Kisai

    Exhibiting in Tithiyul Moving with the Rhythm of the Stars

    Kluge- Ruhe Aboriginal Art Museum of the

    University of Virginia, USA



  • SP01711 HR@0

    Shane Pickett-The Healing Waterhole Below Rockwall

    Showing in Djinong Djina Boodja-Look at the land I have travelled

    at the Lilley Museum of Art, University of Nevada, Reno

  • Escutcheon 9 2020 acrylic on canvas 168x168cms COL00228 crop
    Escutcheon 9
  • Sandra Hill - The arrival - Jangga (white spirits) 800x600
    The arrival - Jangga (white spirits)
  • Sandra Hill - Our Place - 800x800
    Our Place
  • WG00655 BW-5904-18 Pigeon Dreaming 57x76cm
  • WG00632_5699-18 Bush Cucumber 60 x 60
    Jilinybeng- Bush Cucumber
  • Nyabal Nyabal
    Nyabal Nyabal-Windy Water of Lake Gregory
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